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After completing my graduation, I was searching for job on the basis of my degree in construction and civil engineering. After many rejections and hardships I landed with a job in construction sector. Working there as a Civil Engineer, I found that all the theoretical knowledge learnt by me at college doesn’t compete with the actual work carried out on site.

I felt the pain of rejection, and didn’t want any of my fellow or students face the same situation. As a result, of the hardships and rejections I decided to start this blog and educate them the knowledge that is actually beneficial.

Welcome allπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€β€¦.


What We Publish About Construction?

For the time being, I will publish topics related to residential building and interior design.


1) Construction Basics- These will be the much needed to the civil engineers.
2) Construction Estimates- Topics used to calculate quantities of various materials needed on site.
3) Work procedures- In this you will learn the steps carried out to complete certain work. 4) Various tests Learn the various types of tests that are carried out on materials used in construction work.

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